Friday, December 26, 2008

Wreath Update

Christmas may be over, but another of my favorite seasons has just begun -- the after Christmas sale season. Since I got some ornaments for 50% off, I decided it was time to update the old Christmas wreath.

This old standby was fine back in the days when any cheap Christmas decor worked for me, but since I updated the interior Christmas decor this year, I wanted the front door wreath to match as well.

The boy found a plain white lighted wreath for just $5.99 weeks ago, but it sat in its box, waiting for a little lovin'. Today, with the cats' help, I jazzed up the white wreath a bit with ornaments and a little fake silvery greenery.

This little helper contributes to my not wanting to do craft projects.
He's a little too helpful.

Ta da, instant front door improvement. Plus, since I am keeping the ornaments in place with wire, instead of glue, it will be easy to update the wreath next time.

Now if I can just figure out how people manage to plug these things in and shut the storm doors...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

God Jul ~ Merry Christmas

The Christmas decorating is officially done now that the presents have been wrapped and placed under the tree. I'm still quite pleased with our new holiday decor. We even opened a few presents tonight, that Moomin book in the shadow box is one of my presents from the boyfriend. He received a new drill which will come in handy for hanging all the pictures that need to go up

Unfortunately it doesn't look we'll be having a white Christmas this year. After several days of arctic-like temperatures, we're back to rain. Still, 40F feels down right balmy after experiencing a few 0F nights and mornings.

As it's officially Christmas Day, I'd like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, God Jul and Hyvää Joulua from everyone here a min hus. And to all a good night!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Decorating is Done!

For once I'm not sick of Christmas before it even begins. Instead of skipping the posts and articles about holiday decor I've been seeking them out. Since the fireplace is white and doesn't make me cringe to look at it now, I wanted Christmas decor that would further enhance the room. I'm so please with how it all turned out. The blue, white and silver colors I ended up with fit the style of the room so much better than the traditional pine green and red I've used in the past.

The tree is definitely kitty approved, Alex loves looking at it and rubbing his face on it. Yes, cats are weird. Luckily all three kitties have been leaving the ornaments alone for the most part.

Bonus question for Hanna: How many gifts from Finland do you spot in this pic? ;)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!

I'm not done with the Christmas decorating, but my new tree is up! I've been living with the same 2.5 foot Christmas tree since I was a kid. But this year I was ready for something new and different. Something that doesn't fit on the top of the entertainment center.

I originally wanted a white tree, even though that trend is probably on the way out, but after I painted the fireplace white I thought a white tree might blend in too much. Then we spotted this beauty, which looks blue from a distance, but up close has a blend of teal, blue and purple. It sounds hideous, I know, but looks good in my living room with the blue curtains and pillows. The boyfriend convinced me it was too hideous to bring home, then he went out and brought it home. Now he thinks it looks love-er-ly.

I considered getting new silver and white ornaments to decorate the new tree with, but I'd miss all my old ornaments. Some of them were made by my mom, others were made by special people who are long gone, and many were given to me as gifts over the years. And what would Christmas be without fond memories anyway?

Too bad the boyfriend had to add his own fond memories to the tree too, in the form of super hero ornaments. Luckily they blend in pretty well with all the other bright colors.


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