Sunday, August 14, 2022

My August garden

While there are still plenty of blooms, it's been pretty dry here for the last several weeks and my August garden is started to look a little tired. But let's see what's blooming for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, shall we?

The most exciting development since July is the first dahlias I have ever grown have started blooming. These are Sweet Love. I was disappointed with the first few blooms, which were completely white instead of pink with a white center as advertised, but the color has started to change and I was delighted to see this blushing pink bloom. 

I love the unique coloring on this bloom. I enjoy color variations, provided there is some color. It will be interesting to see what happens when the other two Sweet Love plants finally start blooming. I planted a second variety in another spot in the garden, but it doesn't even have buds yet unfortunately. 

I also have one Alaska Shasta Daisy bloom from several plants I winter sowed this year. Kinda funny that there is only one bloom from a handful of plants, but I'll still take it!

I also really like this blue sage (salvia farinacea) I also grew from seed this year. It has been a great performer.

I love the pop of purple it bring to the sea of coneflowers and plan to add more next year.

Though I wouldn't repeat this combination, these sun patients have been blooming their heads off all summer.

Two kinds of agastache.

I also have lots of zinnias, which are my favorite flower. They're just so easy to grow and such prolific bloomers. This one is Queen Lime Red.

Another Queen Lime Red. I enjoy the color variation.

Self-seeded snapdragons. Must plant more of these next year.

And of course I still have my signature sea of coneflowers, though as mentioned they're looking a little ragged at this point.

What are your favorite late summer blooms? Favorite dahlias to grow?

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