Wednesday, June 2, 2021

A cheap and easy way to revive plastic pots

After many years of hard use, my large plastic pots were looking worse for the wear. While still perfectly functional, they were stained and discolored to the point that it distracted from the beautiful flowers they contain.

While some might have just tossed them, I hate to throw away plastic that still serves its purpose if I don't absolutely have to. The pots weren't broken or cracked, they just looked unsightly. New large pots, even plastic ones, aren't exactly cheap. 

After remembering a tip I read online about spray painting plastic pots, I decided to try it before throwing them out.

After thoroughly cleaning the pots with bleach, I used this Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch spray paint I found at my local home improvement store. This color, London Gray, looks like a gray brown and complimented the deck color while still being neutral enough to go with any color of flowers.

Pot before (right) and after (left) being cleaned and spray-painted. 

One can of spray paint covered two pots, so for a couple of hours and less than $12 total, I revived four large pots. Best of all, the pots I sprayed last year still look great, so this isn't just a short-term solution.

Nothing like a cheap and easy DIY fix!

Do you do anything to keep your pots and containers looking fresh year after year?



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