Sunday, June 13, 2010

Columbus Rose Festival

To further fuel my rose obsession, we stopped by the Whetstone Park of Roses during the Rose Festival last weekend. The Park of Roses is another local garden treasure that I haven't visit nearly enough.

There are gorgeous roses around every corner of this 11-acre park.

Cherry Cordial

Love & Peace HT

Early Morn

Brigadoon HT

Fascination HT


Rose Explosion

As you look into the back yard you begin to see them, the little pops of color.

As you walk closer they come into focus.

Roses! Rambling roses so heavy with blooms that the canes can barely hold them.

This year these old rambling roses are really showing their stuff.

Aren't they pretty? I absolutely love them. All they get is some compost, a little pruning and a drink if it's really, really dry. No pesticides of any kind are required to be rewarded with so many blooms. Plus, while their big show is in June, once I prune them they'll bloom more lightly throughout the summer.

There's plenty to clip and bring some inside to enjoy as well.


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