Saturday, March 24, 2007

Finally, a Bloom!

Finally something is blooming around here - my primrose. Ok, sure, it's inside, but that's exciting too, because I can't remember having a plant bloom indoors before. Especially one that I almost killed. Several daffodils are ready to bust though and I can't hardly stand it! (I loves me some daffodils!) Stay tuned for more garden pics.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Oh Moomin, You Complete....My Kitchen

A mere nine months after dear Hanna and Netta gave me this lovely Moomin clock (kiitos), it is finally displayed in its full glory on the wall. I loooves it! And with that, my kitchen art is complete. I even managed to get the nail in without bending it or chipping the paint, a vast improvement over what usually happens when I go a hammerin'. For more kitchen views see my Flickr page.

My love affair with Moomin (or Muumi as I first knew them) began when I was an exchange student in Norway. I can still hum the theme song although I'm not sure I can write it. Not that I've managed to read more than one or two stories yet, but I just LOVE those characters, as you can tell by my collection of Moomin mugs (top right), glass cards and even hand-towels. Yet another favorite reason for going to Finland is to be able to pick up another mugs or two.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Cure

I'm kinda, sorta doing the Cure, although I've already fallen behind. This week is the kitchen. I finally did a little organizing and cleaning tonight. It was worth it.

Step 1: I finally got rid of several of the mismatched mugs I've had since college. Step 2: I replaced them with some fun, colorful mugs I found last night.

Funny that something so simple can feel so much better.

Min Forste Hus

0r my first house, for those who don't speak norwegian (neither do I really)

What they say is true, when you find the one you just know. After months of looking, several offers and too many open houses to count, I found it in July 2005. My first house. Sure it only had one bathroom when I desperately coveted an extra half bath, and yes, there are only two bedrooms. In fact, the whole house (not counting the basement or attic) is less than 600 square feet. But it's mine. Or the banks. But whatever.

Since then I've painted my first room (and four more), learned to garden, fixed a dishwasher and am learning not freak out when things break. I've also become obsessed with all things to do with homes and gardens. This space will be a place to save and share the good bits I find and rant and rave about the joys of home ownership.


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