Monday, May 15, 2023

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - May 2023


After the daffodils and tulips fade in my zone 6b central Ohio garden, there is the purple period, thanks in large part to all the gorgeous alliums blooming everywhere. A neighbor once said they look like fireworks popping out all over and I love that description. There are several varieties, though they're from a mixed bag from the big box store so I'm not entirely what's what. My two Miss Kim dwarf lilacs are also blooming.

The blue false indigo (baptisia australis) is almost at full bloom. It's a fun plant to watch grow as it pops out of the ground looking like purple asparagus before it starts to unfurl. It's native here and has been a favorite since I first started planning my garden over a decade ago. At the time it was hard to find blue false indigo at a local nursery, but they're much more popular now.

I grew these cottage pinks from seed last year and they're blooming like crazy. I think our cooler, wet spring has helped.

The purple columbine are starting to bloom too, though their downturned little faces are challenging to photograph. I'm slowly but steadily spreading their seeds around the garden, though I haven't been able to get them to grow in clumps yet.

And it feels a bit like cheating since I bought these a few weeks ago, but I'm loving these cheerful pansies and have been enjoying them for several weeks.

That's it for this month in my garden, but you can visit May Dreams Gardens to see what is blooming in other gardens.


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