Friday, December 26, 2008

Wreath Update

Christmas may be over, but another of my favorite seasons has just begun -- the after Christmas sale season. Since I got some ornaments for 50% off, I decided it was time to update the old Christmas wreath.

This old standby was fine back in the days when any cheap Christmas decor worked for me, but since I updated the interior Christmas decor this year, I wanted the front door wreath to match as well.

The boy found a plain white lighted wreath for just $5.99 weeks ago, but it sat in its box, waiting for a little lovin'. Today, with the cats' help, I jazzed up the white wreath a bit with ornaments and a little fake silvery greenery.

This little helper contributes to my not wanting to do craft projects.
He's a little too helpful.

Ta da, instant front door improvement. Plus, since I am keeping the ornaments in place with wire, instead of glue, it will be easy to update the wreath next time.

Now if I can just figure out how people manage to plug these things in and shut the storm doors...

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