Friday, June 1, 2007

Storm Doors and Gun Shots

Memorial day weekend was an exciting one in my hood. First, my new, lovely storm door was installed, thanks to Jared's hard work. Gotta love those handy men, eh? I played the ever important roles of "fetch girl," and occasionally, "hold this woman."

As you can see, Jared did a lovely job. I mean look at that door! How straight and snugly it fits! Plus, the new storm has lovely features, including the ability to open and close at all times. This feature was horribly lacking in my last door. The wind sealed the new purchase by throwing the old one against the house and breaking the frame open.

But what's that about gun shots, you ask? Well, in other exciting neighborhood news, just as we were finishing up the door installation, we saw cop after cop race down the street while a helicopter circled above. Then we heard several gunshots. I was ducking and ready to go inside and lock every door possible, but Jared and apparently every neighbor on my street, wanted to stay outside and watch.

So it turns out some genius robbed the nearby CVS and escaped on his bike. It took the cops less than five minutes to find him and, for reasons still unknown, shoot him twice. Maybe the word will get out on the street that criminals get shot in the face in our neighborhood, thus deterring future crime? Here's hopin'.

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