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What I bought: Clothing purchases in 2017

my tiny closet
Ever since reading that the average U.S. shopper spends $1,100 per year on clothing and purchases 68 items plus 8 pairs of shoes (Overdressed by Elizabeth Cline), I've been curious of how I measure up. Inspired once again by An Exacting Life, I've dug out my receipts to add it up for 2017.

This year I spent $528.26, up from $335.29 last year. I had suspected I would spend more this year due to needing to replace some staples, like jeans, and indeed I did.

Clothing purchased ($421.38):
  • Red sweater - $15.00
  • Red llama Christmas sweater - $16.00
  • White sweater - $9.49
  • White/gray sweater - $26.48
  • Black knit 3/4 sleeve shirt - $12.04
  • Black knit short sleeve shirt - $8.64
  • Black blouse - $20.99
  • Black knit sleeveless Elle top - $16.99
  • Black blouse - $16.99
  • White and black striped knit shirt - $11.39
  • White and black short sleeve knit shirt - $16.98
  • White and black knit tank - $9.13
  • White knit top - $8.04
  • Pink blouse - $16.99
  • Pink sweater - $20.99
  • Purple t-shirt - $5.70
  • Two pairs of jeans - $43.00
  • Jean shorts - $16.29
  • Gray workout shorts - $15.29
  • Swimsuit cover up - $12.98
  • Navy striped sleep shorts - $15.00
  • Undergarments (5)  - $86.98
Shoes ($54.11):
  • Nike sneakers - $54.11
Accessories ($52.77):
  • Blanket scarf - $11.58
  • Black gloves - $1.11 (I have a $15 off coupon)
  • Earrings - $7.24
  • Necklace - $15.28
  • Purse - $5.00 (from thrift store)
  • Sunglasses - $12.56
Total spent: $528.26
Total clothing items: 26

Lucy also has a very refined taste in pants; only recently worn men's khakis will do.

I remained true to a white, black and gray color scheme once again, which does make it easy to mix and match. I'm pretty happy with this year's purchases and have worn most things frequently, except for the pink blouse, silly llama holiday sweater, and black and white tank.

One thing I'm quite happy with is that instead of buying a bunch of stuff before we went to Cozumel, as I usually do for vacation, I made due with the clothing I already had. I did need a swimsuit cover up and sleep shorts (love them, and I had been looking for good sleep shorts for quite awhile), both of which I purchased via Amazon and wore frequently.

I continue to be amazed by how quickly I forget what I've bought over the year. I save receipts, but don't reconcile purchases until beginning this post. I wouldn't have been able to tell which item was which on the receipt for most of the purchases made in August, June and March, except that a unique ID number is listed for each that matches up to a number on the tag of the clothing. Not sure if this is true for all stores, but it is for Kohl's. Genius idea! Next year I resolve to write things down after each purchase to make this process easier. 

I expect to need to buy new work slacks and shoes next year, so I'm going to try something new and budget $64/month for clothing. I'm hoping this way I won't feel guilty buying what I need as long as it's within the budget, while still being able to maximize savings.

Were your clothing purchases in 2017 worth the investment or a work in progress?

What to take another peek into my wardrobe? You can also see what I bought in 2016 and 2013.


  1. Hmmm... well, the only clothing I bought last year was a package of underwear, and it was totally worth the investment! :-) Not having a real job makes it soooo much easier!

    I did buy some bike clothes though - one pair of winter bike tights, and a neoprene shirt for those days when it's really cold. Oh, and a pair of socks - oh... and I almost forgot - a long sleeved cycling jersey (which I didn't really need, but it was only $1 at the thrift store and those suckers cost at least $50 new.) Totally worth it on all counts!

    1. I would definitely buy less if I didn't have to work. You did well, I wish I had better luck at the thrift store, but I rarely find things I love there. Luckily I'm good with sticking to the sales when I do shop.


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