Sunday, October 8, 2017

House tweaking

Unlike many women I know, I'm not into redecorating the house just because it's been awhile since I last did so. First, I find decorating exhausting. There's all the shopping, decision making and spending money. Yuck! Plus, I'm still pretty happy with most of the choices I've made, even the paint colors I picked out 12 years ago. That said, there are a still corners here and there that could be improved.

Take the eat-in corner of the kitchen, for example.

It was functional, but I never loved those framed postcards that I picked up at IKEA a month after buying the house. And the silver frames didn't go with anything else. So I finally replaced them with a Marimekko tea towel that I bought years ago, in an IKEA Ribba frame.

I loved the new art. But while the kitchen table had sentimental value, it was never that comfortable to sit at. While looking for new chairs to replace our broken ones, I found a used small round table with two drop leaves and three chairs online for $75... a good deal. But I immediately regretted the purchase once I got them home because they looked rough in decent lighting. 

Then the boyfriend had the table sprayed white as a surprise and instantly it went from trash to treasure.

My giant 21lb. cat makes this small table look tiny.
I liked the style of the chairs, but they were covered in a faux wood laminate that was pretty hideous. The boyfriend voted for painting them white to match the table, but I wanted to do something different.

I eventually picked out a bright yellow (Benjamin Moore's bold yellow actually) that matches the tiny splash of yellow that in the tea towel and we had them sprayed recently. I love them so much. They bring a much needed bold pop of color in the kitchen.


So that's one more corner done. When it comes to home decor, are you a serial redecorator or a tweaker?


  1. The chairs were not laminate, they were stained and lacquered solid wood, species unknown. :) 1 coat of Lenmar 1C-800 white undercoater, 3 coats of Lenmar gloss pre-catalyzed 1D-359 lacquer for the yellow base and then 3 coats of gloss pre-cat clear (also 1D-359) to finish it off.

  2. Like you, I like my year round decor. I just switch out candles and table linens to go w the season.
    Your new table seems to fit your space better and the yellow is a happy choice


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