Thursday, December 5, 2013

A year's worth of clothes

A few of my go-to looks - NOT! Photo: Hegemony777

According to Elizabeth Cline's book, Overdressed, the average US shopper spends $1,100 per year on clothing and purchases 68 items plus 8 pairs of shoes.

Sixty-eight items per year seems rather shocking, but since reading that I've wondered, do I buy more or less clothing than the average American? Yet I hadn't gotten around to listing my purchases until being inspired by a recent post on Exacting Life.

Before I started counting, I thought that I couldn't possibly have purchased more than 10 items of clothing this year. I have a large existing wardrobe, but there is much room for improvement as it includes items of various sizes and clothing I don't love wearing.

I've never loved buying clothes and shoes like the stereotypical woman, but this has been particularly light year even for me. This is mainly because I'm at a higher weight than I'd like and I haven't wanted to admit defeat and invest in a larger wardrobe for this size me. But, a girl's gotta have something to wear so in the end I've bought some new items.

Items purchased in 2013:

  • Two pairs of dress pants for work: $55
  • Black knit blazer for work (the only blazer I've ever liked wearing - it's SO comfortable): $36
  • black and white summer sweater: $28
  • Two black t-shirts: $14
  • Black and white shell blouse: $21
  • Black summer sweater: $22
  • Black knit top: $15
  • Black shirt with beaded sleeves: $16
  • Black NYC shirt: $9
  • Blue sweater: $21
  • Jeans: $27
  • Peach sweater from thrift store: $4
  • White capris (thrift-store): $4
  • Black comfty flats for work: $64
  • Black sandals: $54
Total spent: $390
Total items: 17

Accessories purchased:
  • Black purse (thrift-store): $5
  • Red purse: $30
  • Scarf: $22
Total spent: $57
Total items: 3

Besides the fact that I'm heavily in a black and white clothing phase (they're slimming colors you know), this has been a pretty good year in that out of these purchases, I really only regret and don't wear the peach thrift store sweater.

I don't set a clothing budget, as I'm pretty good at reigning in my spending month to month. I'm completely fine with spending $447 on clothing and accessories for the year, in fact, I'd be okay with twice that provided I bought items I love and feel great wearing. 

How does your clothing spending compare to the average?


  1. I'd have to put my total around $200 between shoes and clothes. I've gotten quite a few additions to my wardrobe, but they have been needed. In all that was added, I had four items purchased new: workout/tennis shoes, a sports bra, every day bra, and shirt from my son's preschool. I probably got 20+ other items all used. I feel like I've done more shopping for clothes in the last year than I have recently, but as my body has changed, and we moved to a place with an actual winter, I've had to make adjustments. I'm still needing to get a few more pieces like a heavy winter coat and winter boots, but I'm pretty proud at how quickly I've changed my shopping habits. In previous years, I still shopped for new items on clearance, but I've made a huge step in the last year to buy used whenever possible.

    1. That's some savvy shopping, Megyn. I wish I had more luck at thrift stores, but alas, I just dont.

  2. OK... you and Dar inspired me, so I took the plunge and totally cracked myself up in the process. I guess I don't buy real clothes, just bike clothes! :-)

    1. It's all about buying what we use/need and like, right Cat?

  3. Looking at your price per item, I think you got some good deals, and with the colour scheme, you can mix and match everything! Isn't it funny how you bought something uncharacteristic (the peach sweater) and didn't wear it - whenever I find an unusual item that calls out to me, despite my best intentions, I usually don't wear it much either!

    1. Thanks Dar. I'm pretty cheap, so unless I'm desperate for something I wait until there's a good sale or I have a coupon. I'm okay with colors, honest, but the peach sweater just looks odd on me. It's also wrinkly right now so I'm going to iron it and give it one last go before I give up.


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