Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Summer That Wouldn't End

It's after 10 p.m. on a mid-October day and I'm sitting here in my living room in short sleeves and shorts, surrounded by open doors and windows and the ceiling fan going. Still, I am a little warm. Outside while the mums decorate the deck, the tomatoes are still growing. The zinnias in the side garden are still growing and some perennials are beginning to rebloom.

This weather is simply amazing! So amazing in fact that I had to officially note it here. So that I can remember this night in a few months when I'm sitting here in layers, shivering. But I also note it because it may never happen again. Or maybe with global warming this will be our new norm? Whatever the reason, I wish the weather would stay this perfect forever. Or at least through another weekend.


  1. Brag on sis! For the past month our car windows have been covered with ice every single morning! So much for the summer...and for the fall even! In the mornings the weather almost feels like it was winter already! You enjoy the benefits the global warming is giving you...no signs of them yet in our end of the world (at least we've not been getting any of those positive effects)!

    H & N =)

  2. I agree the weather has been unusually warm this fall tho today it is going to be unusually cold in Ontario

  3. Boo, I jinxed it, now it's freezing! You're supposed to KEEP all the cold weather in Finland Hanna! Or send it to Russia!

  4. Russia is oour neeighbor, I can see it out the kitchen wiindoow every morniing.


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