Monday, June 2, 2008

Color Me Stainless

The wait is over. The new stainless steel appliances are in and I have pictures. My bout with buyer's remorse is over and now that I've used the new appliances I'm really enjoying them. Not to mention how much better the kitchen looks with matching appliances. Check out the before pic to see the difference for yourself.

I'm really loving the bottom-mount fridge. I've been wanting one since I saw my friend Hanna's fridge the first time I visited her in Finland. As a Scandinavian-wannabe, I want everything that is popular there. Plus, as a tall person, I really appreciate not having to hunch down every single time I look for something in the fridge. The new fridge is pretty quiet too.

The new dishwasher was a pain to put in (thanks again honey), but I love the way it looks. Plus it's more quiet, has better features, and allows me to organize dishes more efficiently. While you're wondering, I haven't taken the plastic off yet because I'm still enjoying (ok paranoid about) the newness. This is only the second dishwasher I've ever had the pleasure of living with ya know.

Aren't they pretty?


  1. Yeah, that dishwasher will look much better once I raise it about half an inch.

  2. Nice! I had a bottom mount fridge in college, and I loved it. So much more convenient.

    The appliances look great in your house.

  3. Mondoman - It's not luck IT'S SKILL.

    Jennifer - Thanks. :-)

  4. Wow! It's amazing what matching appliances can do--and stainless! I have all black:(

  5. Hi, just wanted to comment back and thank you for your comment on my blog! I'm adding a link to ya, if you don't mind. I'm very jealous over your gorgeous stainless appliances! Tell me more about what that thing is on the cabinet under the sink? Is that some sort of stencil? Wallpaper?? It looks snazzy!!

  6. Ugh, I'm a late comment checker.

    Thanks Marit. :)

    Suzy - Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I'll be returning the favor shortly.

    That bit under the sink is cut out something, thin plywood maybe?, and painted white. I'm assuming it's original and is there to air out the under sink cabinet.


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