Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ever Get Buyer's Remorse?

Today, after countless trips to to the local appliance deals warehouse, I took the plunge and made some purchases to correct my multicolored kitchen appliance situation. I've been living with an old, noisy black dishwasher, a basic white fridge, and a nice stainless stove. Guess which one won?

For once I didn't get the cheapest appliances I could stand; I got the ones I wanted more. Yet even though I got a GREAT deal on the long-coveted, bottom mount fridge, and a decent deal on the classy-looking dishwasher, I'm feeling a bit of buyer's remorse. Will I still like them once they're installed in my kitchen? Would buying white appliances that would blend in have been a better decision?

I always do this and it drives me nuts, although it's worse for those around me. Does anyone else get buyer's remorse?


  1. SHUT UP!!!! Jesus christ, you got an 1800 dollar fridge for 800 bucks BRAND NEW, and a 600 dollar dishwasher that matches the fridge PERFECTLY for 450. Shut your yapper and get over it, you got a good deal and it will look 10 times better by the end of the week when they are both delivered. I swear to god you don't need to make a purchase over 20 bucks because you sit and agonize over every little detail when you do.

  2. I think that everyone gets buyers remorse a little on big purchases. Spending that much money, even when you get an amazing deal, can still be nerve wracking.

    However, I think you are going to love them all! :)

  3. I am jealous of your deals! Where'd you find them? I got all my appliances at Sears, and went Stainless. I had buyers remorse, but now don't regret it a bit. You will love them, I promise!

  4. Thanks Aimee. :)

    Marit: Ok, I'll let you in on the secret: Appliance Smart baby. They "specialize in scratch and dent" but I've been able to find plenty of stuff with neither scratches nor dents.

    I ended up getting the dishwasher at Sears though.

  5. Oh ok--I looked there. It scared me though. I am glad you had luck! That's awesome.


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