Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kitchen Chaos

My new appliances have arrived and we spent all day yesterday dealing with them. The boy was amazing and had to go above and beyond to remove the old dishwasher and install the new one. I'm still exhausted from all the action and I mostly just watched.

What made this job a total PITA is that a previous owner installed a new laminate floor after installing the dishwasher and did NOT leave room to get the dishwasher back out. Things that make you go hmmm (actually they make you cuss a lot).

My tip about buying a new dishwasher, especially if you have an old house, is to get the total measurements of the dishwasher beforehand (especially the depth!) and make sure it fits your space. We checked this, but not carefully enough. If you can find the installation directions online, check those out. Our installation directions gave minimum measurements right up front (why don't they give this info. to you in the store BEFORE you buy it?) and we didn't quite meet them. Yeah. I think we're going to make it work, thanks to the boy's trusty wood chisel, but hopefully someone else can learn from our little lesson.

Obviously we're not ready for the big reveal yet, as I still need to clean the new fridge and deal with the chaos. I think this is the messiest my kitchen has ever been. Time to fix that. Right after this next cup of joe.

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  1. I'm just looking for a dishwasher for my kitchen... Thanks for your tips!!


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