Sunday, May 11, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday: Blooming Chives

Last year I bought chives, plunked them in the ground and waited for them to bloom, but they didn't. I didn't even remember to snip some of them to cook with. Then fall and winter came and I thought that was that. But this spring they were back (I forgot they are perennials) and now they're blooming.

Chive blossoms are edible and this year I'm determined to eat some in a salad. Which should be ready soon.

These were the last of the tulips to bloom, and while not the fanciest tulips I have, their long-lasting blooms and pretty pink color guarantees them a permanent place in my garden.

What's blooming in your garden?

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  1. Pretty! I need to plant some chives this year.

    Right now, the flax is blooming voraciously at my house... the last of the tulips are fading, and the vinca is plotting its yearly takeover.

  2. After the excitement of the bulb season, the new blooms have slowed down around here. I'll need to fix that for next year. Flax might work for me.


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