Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Garden Mysteries: What the Frick Is This?

The picture does not do it justice; this is one wicked looking plant that is growing out form under my box hedge. Check out the bloom in the top left. But is it a friend or foe?

Actually it's one FAST-growing wicked looking plant. I swear it wasn't there yesterday when I was weeding. It seems like everything in the garden is loving this cool, wet weather.

I can't wait to see what the flower looks like.


  1. It's a WEED! There is one that has overtaken everything else in my garden bed right now... but I haven't pulled it yet.

    It has a pretty unspectacular flower, for all of the show of getting big... yellow and white, and kind of small... but pull it before it goes to seed.... it has those dandelion-esque seeds that float everywhere!

  2. I once let a sticker bush [thistle] grow to see how big it would get. At eight feet high, it was probably the biggest weed I've ever had. But it looked amazing.

  3. Jennifer - Yep, I finally spotted the flowers, they close up at night (weird). I guess nothing but a weed would grow through a box hedge, but still I can't help admiring the freakyness of this thing (I still haven't pulled it!).

    Green Fairy - Are those the prickly things? Ugh, I try to catch those when they're small or else they hurt!


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