Sunday, June 29, 2008

Still Blooming Like Crazy

This is my third season of gardening. For the first one, I planted six perennials flowers in my sad, empty garage bed in July before some friends came over. Last year I added perennials and cosmos I found on sale at a local nursery, some flowers I ordered online, and some I direct-sowed. This year I added more plants bought on sale locally and some winter-sown flowers. The garden is really taking off and I couldn't be happier.

This week I found even more winter-sown poppy blooms, two kinds of daisies began blooming and the Rudbeckia I planted this spring is beginning to bloom.

If you're just starting out, gardening may seem like a monumental task, but as my garden shows you can just do a little at a time, on a budget, and still have a great garden. It may take a little time, but that just makes it even more worthwhile.

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  1. What beautiful flowers!

    I played too :)

  2. Great gardeners know how to be patient. I have been working on my gardens for 19 years and still there are things I want to rip out or rearrange.

  3. This is wonderful advice on gardening. I have learned that with everything, even gardening, patience is definitely a virtue. Many people sometimes see a beautiful garden and are unaware of the work involved. Thank you for sharing.


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