Thursday, February 28, 2008

Could Your Home Use Some Lovin'?

Soon my favorite home design blog, Apartment Therapy, will be kicking off their 8-week Spring Cure. The cure, which is detailed in Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan's book Apartment Therapy: The Eight Step Home Cure, is about all about creating the best home possible for you.

This will be my second cure. I tried the spring cure last year, but fell off the wagon after a couple of weeks. It can be a LOT of work in eight weeks. But even though I didn't finish, I still think starting the process helped me do even more to personalize my home over the past year.

I must warn you the first time I read the book I stumbled on some parts that felt, well, a little hokey to me. Things like feeling all the walls in your space, buying flowers every week, and switching to all green cleaners seemed a bit much to me, but after some time passed I eventually tried most of the things and ended up liking them. Now I mostly use green cleaners, I buy flowers a few times a year and bring them in from the garden even more frequently, and I'm investing more time and energy in making my home a place I really love.

The book tells you everything you need to know to do the cure on your own, but the group cures are way more fun because there's a great community of people to share the experience with and get feedback and ideas from.

So if your home could use a little lovin', check out the book (my library has it; yours might too) and join the spring cure!


  1. Sounds like a fun challenge! Spring is such a great time to try new things and break out of the cabin fever mode. :)

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