Friday, February 8, 2008

A Little Problem

That black and white kitty you see there? She's not ours. She's a neighborhood cat that been visiting more and more often after getting lots of attention and a little food from the boy. He's MUCH more of a softie for cats than I am. She seems taken care-of, she doesn't eat a lot when he does give her food. She had no front claws and has been spayed. But she's hanging out on the deck for hours a day. Now we're afraid she's cold, so the boy took a sweatshirt out to her and she's been huddled up on it ever since.

I've been grumbling that we can't have another cat, and I do NOT want one, but I'm starting to crack. She's so cute and tries to get your attention whenever we walk by the window.

So what do we do? I don't want another cat, but I'm not made of steel. And she might have a perfectly fine home.

We can't bring her in without getting her checked out at the vet first. I can't take the chance of her making our three cats sick. Plus, it's taken 6 months for one of my cats and the boy's cat to get this close without hissing:

So what's a cat lover to do?


  1. I would just like to add that the cat DOES have a home, and my note/collar idea worked FLAWLESSLY despite your constant nagging and questioning. Suck it!

  2. Oh I think you know what you're to do. Just keep on doing it. LOL.


    A fellow cat lover, who owns 8 of them and really only wanted one.


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