Monday, February 18, 2008

Manland Makeover

The boyfriend has reminded my (a couple times now) that I'm long overdue in posting about his Manland makeover. In order for you to truly understand how massive a transformation this was, you have to know just how pathetic Manland was before.

When I bought the house, I also bought a full-basement, one half of which was half-finished. While half of Manland had proper walls, the other half was adorned in a truly hideous grey (with hints of pink) paneling. This is one of the many DIY decisions made by previous owners that has continued to perplex me. The room was finished with the cheapest styrofoam baseboards ever made and hideous fluorescent shop lights.

When the boyfriend moved in, he wanted some space of his own (the nerve!) and Manland just happened to be open and desperately waiting for some attention. So the boy tore down the ugly paneling and baseboards, put up drywall, and mudded and painted the walls. Even the halfway point looked like an improvement to me.

Then, the boy painted the room blue and grey (we started with just blue but it felt like you'd been swallowed by a blueberry), installed new baseboards (Bargain Outlet rocks!), added trim around the windows, and put in a new door (so that the two doors in the room matched). Now, even though there are a few small things to finish (like installing door trim) and one big thing (we're still deciding how we want to finish the ceiling) it looks like a real room.

Manland now sports some new furniture, aka the sofa (which required taking four doors off the hinges to get it downstairs. Luckily I wasn't home at the time cause I'm a nervous ninny). It's a quite cosy place to watch a movie; I've spent more time in the basement in the past few weeks than in the previous two and a half years.

One of the very best parts of the Manland Makeover is that the boy did 99.99% of the work. This is the first room renovation I've had practically no part in. And it's been wonderful.

And even though you nagged me to post this Manland Makeover (that's a change!), I definitely think you did a great job honey.

(Note to self: ugh, being this sickeningly sweet on a full stomach makes me wanna yak)


  1. Looks so much better now! And I love the name ManLand! :)

  2. Great transformation! Yeah to projects you don't have to do, too!

  3. Okay--I need your honey to come spend some time at my house! I wish that Trip could learn to do that stuff...


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