Thursday, February 14, 2008

He's Baaack....

I promise this blog will be back to it's regularly scheduled home and garden content starting tomorrow, but for now, bear with me.

Saturday night we found the visitor cat shivering on a box of rags we left for it on the porch. I sighed, the boy laughed, and the cat spent the night in the office. The next morning it was even colder and kitty did NOT want to go outside even though he hadn't used the litterbox all night.

Finally, J went and bought a collar and taped a note to it with our number. It was the only way we could think of to find out if the cat had an owner. We put the cat outside and for almost an hour he sat on the welcome mat outside the back door, shivering and crying. We left to go run some errands (and because I couldn't stand watching the cat suffer). We left the cat (with its box for some crying and scratching on the door. A couple of hours later the boy's phone rang, turns out the neighbors just two houses down own the cat. The owner said the cat "escaped" at 5 p.m. Saturday and they were very worried. Oh and we found out he's a boy. Nevermind, that this DECLAWED little cat had no collar, no ID, and had been at our house for hours almost every day last week.

So the cat went back to its owners, and though we liked him a lot, we were glad not to have to introduce cat #4 to the other three. Fast forward to today, when guess who shows up at the back door?

Yup, our friend kitty. I can't believe these people let a declawed cat roam around in the city. Especially a cat they thought they lost just FOUR days ago. We're really inclined to keep him if he comes back again.


  1. The collar was the only thing "we" could come up with to find out it had an owner? Are you sure you never got into trouble in college for plagiarism or anything?

  2. I think he's adorable! Those people don't deserve such a sweet little guy. You would be doing him a big favor by keeping him. I know 4 kitties is a handful, but if they other 3 haven't gotten "huffy" when he's been there to visit, then maybe they won't be too out-of-sorts when he comes to stay.

  3. "Mondoman" - Yes, yes the collar was all YOUR idea. I admit it.

    Sandy - They did get a little huffy and visitor kitty was the huffiest. So, I dunno....


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