Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's Time to Lose the Blinds

After two and a half years, I'm really getting the itch to banish the blinds in my living room and get real window treatments. This is proving difficult for several reasons:
  1. I can't find many finished curtain options that will look good in the room
  2. I can't sew, so buying fabric is out.
  3. I like the wall color and don't want to change it.
  4. I'm cheap (and need six panels and hardware for three windows) and I just can't see dropping a lot of cashola on window treatments.
  5. I am decision-making challenged (ex: the great sofa dilemma). Is there a pill for that?
But lately the blinds and lack of art in the living room is giving off a sterile vibe that's driving me nuts. I may steal This Young House's idea of having a curtain fashion show, but if I can figure it out virtually, even better. Won't you help me finally make a freaking decision?

Option #1:
Target has been the front runner in my curtain search, but part of me wants something more exciting. The boy like the blue, but I'm leaning toward the green, because I already have some pops of spring green in the room and I really like it.

Option #2:
I've become smitten with these curtains from Urban Outfitters. The boy says they're tacky, but I think they'd add that bit o' funkiness that this room so desperately needs. I don't love the birds that are hidden in the pattern though and am concerned they may overpower any art and accessories I eventually add to the room (you know, in 2010).

Option #3:
Just found these this morning while surfing every freaking site I could possibly think of that sells curtains. I think these are a no go, but I did consider them for a moment.

If only this CB2 pillow came in curtain form.

Ok, Internet, this is where you come in. What do ya think? Other suggestions or places I should check besides Target, Urban Outfitters, Linens and Things, Overstock, Bed, Bath & Beyond; and JC Penney?


  1. For what it's worth, I love the Urban Outfitters ones best. The spring green is the perfect pop, and the pattern will add some interest and make the whole room seem more "designed".

    I guess it could overpower your accessories, but I think if you add a few bigger scale things they can work with the pattern so as long as you're not planning to add a whole mess of tiny accessories you should be just fine.

    But what do I know- I'm the one who needed to have a full scale "curtain fashion show" to make a decision. Good luck! Can't wait to see what you end up with.



  2. I love the Urban Ones too--and we have one just down the road. How convenient!

    Have you checked Pier 1? They have some GREAT stuff right now.

  3. Yay, comments!

    Wow, that's 2-1 against the boy. Sweet.

    Sherry - I think the curtain fashion show idea is brilliant, which is why I'm still probably going to end up stealing it. :)

    Marit - Pier One is a good idea. Last time I looked at their site it was empty, but they have a catalog up now.

    I've never actually been IN Urban Outfitters. Last time I tried to go to the store I got pissed with campus idiots and that I couldn't find a parking space. So I just left. I'm such a wuss sometimes.

  4. I like the pillow the best, too...

    could you find some fabric you like and just GLUE it into a curtain? With the stitch/hem glue they sell.

    I sew, but I've used the glue for many projects that don't need washed, like curtains. :) It's really easy.


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