Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mantle Remix

I've never quite managed to create an arrangement on my fireplace mantle that I really liked. Other people seem to manage it easily enough, but I have problems. So over the weekend I played around with some new ideas. The catch? I had to use items I already own since going out and buying trinkets solely for the purpose of displaying them on my mantle seems silly.

This is more challenging than it seems since I never really owned tons of decor items to begin with. And many of the ones I did own have since been purged.

Reject #1: While I love having the shells displayed, something about this didn't feel right..
maybe it needs a little somethin' somethin'?

Reject #2: Too much, tooooo much!!!

I'm taking it easy on you and only showing you a couple of the rejects. I arranged and rearranged for at least an hour. Vases were unearthed from the dusty depths of my cabinets, shells were pulled out of hiding then returned, attic boxes were raided. It was an ordeal.

But eventually, there was a winner.

The white says summer to me and, well, what can I say, I'm a simple girl at heart.

Oh, and the shells found a new home as well. Finally, all the shells I've collected at the beach and been given are displayed in an appealing way!

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  1. Ha! They all look beautiful to me, but I fear none of those things would last more than about an hour in my house. One of my cats considers it his solemn duty to knock everything breakable on the floor, especially if it's in a tantalizing place like on a fireplace mantle!


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