Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Declutter Inspiration and Other Good Links

Some favorite links I've come across this week:
  • 100things100days - If like me you can't get enough of reading about OPP (other people's purging) then you need to head over to this new-to-me blog. I'm in awe of Christine who is on a quest to, you probably guessed it, purge 100 things each day for 100 days. Impressive and interesting!

  • Secrets of Money and Life Success - Great reminders, especially for all those recent grads.

  • 320 Square Foot Home - The video tour of this 320-square-foot home has made the rounds, but maybe like me, you didn't discover the blog right away. I'm not sure I'd ever want to live in a place this tiny, but I find the lifestyle fascinating.

  • How to Stage Your Home for Living - I couldn't have said this better myself. It's never made sense to me that our homes usually look their very best right before we leave them. Reading this article was a good reminder for me to finish the unfinished projects around min hus.


  1. Great links, and beautiful flowers! I did gardening today - well, I really just took pics of my pergola all dressed up this afternoon (with the 2 hour lull in the rain), and I hope you'll stop by and take a peak! :)

  2. Niartist - Thanks! And thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I'm headed over to your blog now.


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