Sunday, May 24, 2009

Garden Mysteries: Can You Name These Blooms?

From time to time a plant pops up in the garden that either I forgot the name of, or never knew in the first place. Sometimes these mystery plants are weeds, sometimes they're not. But still, I'd prefer to have some idea of everything growing in my garden. Which is where I'm hoping you come in, Internet. I have quite the collection of the pretty blooms above, but have no idea what they are.

After further research and going through my seed packets, I think these are Sweet William. What threw me off is that I didn't plant Sweet William this year and the green spiky head of the flower is not what I expected Sweet William to look like. Mystery solved at least.

There is magenta and light pink varieties so far.

And then there are two of these tall spindly plants with white blooms. They're not so pretty and I'm hoping they're not weeds. Any and all clues to the identity of thesep lants are most appreciated!

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  1. The pretty pink flower at the top is sweet william. The "wildflower" is white campion. Most would call your wildflower a weed, but isn't a weed just an under-appreciated flower?


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