Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ahhh....that's better.

The first time I saw the bathroom in my house, I immediately noticed and detested three things:
  1. The ugly, horrible, atrocious fake cardboard tile (Who would ever do such a thing and why? Whyyyy?)
  2. The hideous wood hollywood light fixture, complete with missing bulb
  3. The floor. Which my realtor said was "in great shape. How lucky!" "It's hideous," I said, in my usual understated way. "I hate it and there are paint splotches all over it."
But don't take my word for it.

I replaced the fixture quite quickly with a score from the local Build It Again center (a Habitat charity, good stuff). That most-dreaded fake tile though? It lived and lived despite my daily glaring and curses. Ideally, I'd take it down and paint the wall, but I assume it was there to hide a plaster issue. Why else would someone possibly do that? Finally I had a plan, I'd eventually replace it with more beadboard, but I haven't yet managed to sucker anyone into to doing that for me yet. So I waited, and hated. Then yesterday I started thinking about painting it. And this morning, I did.

Sure, it's not the ideal solution, but it looks clean and sooo much better. I'm happy now.


  1. Very nice. At least you can get past the defects. When house shopping, I have no vision. If it doesn't look good, it always got crossed off the list.

  2. Aiyana,

    Thanks! I'm so happy with it, I keep going in the bathroom and looking around and smiling.

    Since I wanted to stay in my neighborhood, and I have a starter house budget, I HAD to look past defects. Some of the houses I saw were sooo bad.

    It's pretty fun to make a house your own. If only I was handy. And didn't have to stay on a budget.

  3. Wow. A trillion times better. I bet it makes your morning tooth brushing that much more pleasant. :)

  4. Okay---so what did you use to paint the tile?


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