Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Good Reads: Get Your Simple, Decluttered Living On

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Today was the craziest first day of February I can remember. I spent all day at work with my window wide open, and my back door is still open now, at 8pm at night! Surprisingly, I'm hoping we get at least one good snow before this supposed winter ends.
Last night's surfing was majorly productive; I found some awesome new-to-me blogs and other good reads to share.

  • Won't you take the Kanelstrand blog's simple living challenge with me? New-to-me blog Kanelstrand looks super awesome, even better, is her simple living pledge which includes 23 days of 3 weeks of "Come February 1st, we are starting a Simple Living Challenge on the Kanelstrand blog. Together we will take 3 weeks of simple living where we will discuss different aspects of simple living and will challenge ourselves to see our simple decisions through! You are welcome to participate with insights, advice or sharing your general thoughts on simplifying.

  • EcoKaren post on Simple Scandinavian Design (by none other than Sonya Kanelstrand of the Simple Living Challenge above) is write up my alley. It explains why Scandinavian design appeals to me so much. It also gave me a great new idea on how I might be able to progress with decluttering by keeping the goal of having a Scandinavian style home decor in mind.

  • I love looking at small homes, even though I think min hus is as small as I'd like to go. I love ShoeBox Dwelling's post on what this homeowner was able to do with just a one-car garage.

  • Do you fear you might regret getting rid of something while you declutter? Be More with Less is Busting Your Biggest Decluttering Fears.


  1. Thank you for an awesome post! I would love to go on the simplifying journey with you, I am sure there will be something to learn from you in the process!

  2. On my way over to check them all out! Have a great weekend :)

  3. That second story loft space is fabulous! Such gorgeous natural light...beautiful home!

    Peace. Love. LOL!



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