Thursday, February 16, 2012

Declutter Fix

I finally got back on a decluttering kick a few weekends ago. I've probably mentioned this before, but I've become addicted to decluttering. But I haven't been able to get my fix around here. The easy stuff is pretty much gone and searching for a hour or more and coming up with just an item does not satisfy. So I've had to satisfy myself by watching Hoarders and reading about other people's decluttering. As you can imagine this doesn't quite cut it.

Easy target: The catch all cabinet. And yes, those
are my stuffed animals, thank you for noticing.

Reading this post provided some much needed inspiration and I finally went to work. First I hit this catch-all cabinet in the basement and found 22 items that could go. I've been there many times before, yet I always seem to find more. Then I went upstairs to the attic. This should be more easy pickings, but again I've been there before. This time I found a snowman tealight holder, a vase, some t-shirts I'm never going to wear and a stuffed bear I'm finally ready to part with. I added a few more items from the closet.

In total I ended up with a full box to donate and a total of 30 items gone. Mmm, mmm that's some good decluttering.

 Tell me, am I the only decluttering addict around here? How do you get your fix? 


  1. I love decluttering and have no trouble getting rid of 'stuff'. I'll be doing my basement cleaning soon, the only part of my home that collects junk of any kind. It seems during the winter things just kind of migrate down there and in the spring I move it all on OUT! It always feels amazing. :)

  2. My seven-year old just went through a major de-cluttering of his room this past weekend. While I was proud of him, he was getting rid of more than even I was comfortable with.

    I guess some of the "things" that held meaning for me (like a little plastic mummy from a trip we took to a the children's museum in Indiana a couple years ago) were just annoying things cluttering up his room to him. :)

    P.S. You are the only other minimalist in the Columbus, OH area that I've come across. We should meet up for coffee sometime!

  3. Melinda - Even though I like decluttering I still have a hard time getting rid of most stuff. I am starting to crave some fresh spring air as well.

    Jenny - That's a new one, a kid who declutter *more* than his parents like? I was a packrat in my younger days.

    Coffee would be great, good idea!

  4. Honestly, I hate decluttering. I'd rather sift through things as they enter the house and eliminate right then. Clothes that our daughter has outgrown go directly to the Goodwill or a friend. Everything else is either found a new owner or gotten rid of. We live in a small house where there is no space for clutter :D

  5. Sonya - I'm still going through my clutter backlog unfortunately. Your comment makes me want to see a tour of your house! :)

  6. Nicely done Candi! I recognize the Baby Elmo and the Lion King video. Are you sure you're not hiding kids in there somewhere?

    1. Ha! No, sadly we're just really immature and still have toys around despite getting rid of alot...

    2. "We're"? I'm sorry dear, Up Up Elmo is yours.

  7. Loved this post!

    This is my first visit to your blog, and I'm enjoying it immensely.

    I've been decluttered for years, so the way I had to get my decluttering fix was to marry a loveable packrat!

    I stay busy trying to stay ahead of all the "treasures" he brings home. ;-)

    1. Hi Becky! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


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