Saturday, July 2, 2011

How My Garden Grows: Veggie Watch

I've spent a good part of my mini-break of pottering in the garden, so it seemed like a good time to give you a tour.

We're entering zinnia season around here, and I can't wait!

I wasn't expecting this bunch of brown-eyed susans, are they volunteers? That's what I love about gardening, there are always surprises.

Mallow vine grown from seed; a new one for me. It's not really growing like a vine, but I like it .

This time of year though, I'm more excited about the vegetable garden. Veggie watch 2011 is on!

The zucchini are are off! We've already harvested three and eaten two. I'm a bit nervous about them though, because this is usually around the time when a fungus or something attacks them and they shrivel up and die. Maybe this year will be different.

I'm still anxiously awaiting my first ripe tomato and cucumber.

But the really, really special moment this week was when we spotted the very rare, very fleeting.....

Pig Flower!!

You can't find these just anywhere!

Now you know why my cat mint is always flatter than a pancake.

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