Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Kitchen: Then and Now

Once upon a time, when I first toured my house the kitchen looked like this. On a good note, it was larger then most kitchens in the 1940s and 50s houses in my neighborhood and had plenty of counter space. The design was also something I could live with until I had the funds to fix it up. On the downside it was rather, meh, and each of the appliances were different colors.

The kitchen also has the only room for eating space in the house, and as you can see it doesn't leave much space to squeeze a table in.

This is what my kitchen looks like today, courtesy of some paint and two new appliances that match the stove.

The most recent updates we've made is to paint the ugly blue and off-white fake tile backsplash a lovely white. Scroll back up to the first picture to see the before (go ahead, I'll wait) and I think you'll agree that the white is a vast improvement.

This view is also much improved, thanks to a recent hallway makeover, which added shoe storage and more hooks, and brought the blue color of the kitchen into the staircase, which serves as the only "coat closet" in min hus. We also removed a bi-fold door which was never used to block off the basement. It's amazing how much more open this area feels now.

Of course I have grand dreams of a kitchen renovation that would include new countertops, a slight layout change and a pantry, but until then it's nice to have a kitchen that makes me smile.


  1. I love your display shelves. Was it hard to paint the fake tile? Looks much, much better.
    ~ skye

  2. Thanks Skye!

    I inherited the display shelves with the house, but they were different lengths and hung in different locations. My awesome stepdad cut the longer one to match and put them in their new location for me.

    Painting the fake tile was quite easy. I was actually too lazy to sand it, so I just painted a first coat of primer (Kilz pretty much sticks to anything), followed by the top coat. I agree I like the kitchen so much better now, plus it helps me visualize how my coveted white subway tile would look, if I ever have the guts to start a reno.


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