Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cure Goals

It's time to nail down exactly want I want to accomplish in this Cure. Some of these come straight from my to-do list for the year. I also need to figure out the budget
  1. Major deep cleaning treatment of the entire house (this is long overdue) - $0
  2. Decluttering (especially the linen closet, under the bed and the kitchen cabinets) - $0
  3. Purchase and hang new window treatments for living room (the hardest part of this one is picking window treatments) - $300
  4. Find art for the living room - $50
  5. Fix living room walls and repaint (there's a moisture issue I've been trying to fix with free help, but it's time to call in a pro. I have no idea how much the repair might be. I'm hoping less than $300)
  6. Install shelf and lighting above bed - $70
  7. New fanlight for bedroom - $100
  8. Art/wall interest for bathroom (maybe a decal?) - $30
  9. New towels? (having all matching towels would be nice, I haven't bought towels since college, but since I have ones that are perfectly fine... I dunno)
Wow - it all adds up quick, doesn't it? The $850 budget is definitely a maximum, I hope I'll come in much lower. Maybe I'll get lucky with the moisture repair, even though I'm fearing the worst.

updated 3/13


  1. i need to make a list like that too. i am just kind of going with the flow of the book, but doing a lot of side things too. i just posted about my first week.

  2. Kathy Price-RobinsonMarch 16, 2008 at 11:10 PM

    I hope you can get the new towels! It's a lovely luxury that impacts you every day. And if old ones are fine, donate them to the thrift shop and let some other family get a thrill out of them.

  3. Donate to a thrift shop!? BWAHAHAHAHAHA, That's not the American way you COMMUNIST!!

  4. Kathy - It's definitely something I'm thinking about, depending on how the rest of the budget works out.

    And hey, don't bother the real readers mondo-dork. (sorry people, and yes, I know him).

  5. when i did the cure i treated myself to new towels -- i got them at bed bath & beyond (my faves are the suite collection, super yummy) -- after all, that's what i'm saving those coupons for! (and ps, they never expire AND you can use up to 5 every day AND the checkout people will bundle little items together).


  6. Abby - Great tips about BB&B coupons, I didn't know those. Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

  7. Though I'm sure I'm behind the times since I'm JUST reading your blog, on the topics of buuying new towels?? SOMETIMES you can find brand names w/o the tags at BigLots. But my fave place to get new towels, and cheaply, is TJ Maxx, though I'm sure Marshall's would have about the same thing. $4 for nice soft, cushy towels that dry water from you after showering?? Yes please!


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