Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Making Min Hus Even Better in 2008!

While I'm happy with all the projects we completed around the house in 2007, I have even bigger ambitions for 2008. Namely:

  • Purchase and hang new window treatments for living room (the hardest part of this one is picking window treatments)
  • Fix living room walls and repaint
  • Drywall and paint finished room in basement (I feel good about this one since the boyfriend already started drywalling!)
  • Install ceiling in finished room in basement
  • Seal and paint remaining basement walls
  • Add insulation around outer wall in basement
  • Re-caulk bathroom tub and shower
  • Paint bathroom trim and touch up walls near trim
  • Paint bi-fold door in kitchen
  • Install new tile floor in bathroom
  • Replace fake tile in bathroom with beadboard
  • Paint hallway trim and storage cabinet
  • Clean up and paint fireplace

  • Finish planting front bed
  • Finish creating and plant side bed
  • Stain deck
  • Create work area in and reorganize garage so we can get a car in there again!
  • Paint 10 remaining windows and storms
  • Paint front door and shutters
  • Paint awnings
  • Patch and paint foundation where needed
  • Paint garage doors and trim
  • Remove hideous bushes by driveway
Whew, I'm getting a little tired just typing this list. I think I'll be happy if we finish half of it!


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  2. Looks like you have a nice fun list, too! Can't wait to see things unfold!

  3. Me too. If only I didn't have to do all the work first. :-)

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