Friday, January 25, 2008

Fresh Flowers

Buying fresh flowers every week as an offering to your home is one of the suggestions I immediately dismissed from the Apartment Therapy: The Eight Step Home Cure book (although on the whole I liked the book). Buying flowers that will just die every week feels a little too extravagant to me (did I mention I'm cheap?). I'd much rather invest in a perennial for the garden that's going to bloom and bloom. But I'm starting to get spring fever and I do love how flowers brighten a room up. I'm not a houseplant person, but I really need to see some blooms!

I also love, love, LOVE daffodils and tulips, so when I spied $4 tulips tonight at Wal-Mart, I had to get them. My plan is to photograph the tulips to track just how long they cheap tulips can last. Stay tuned! This way it won't just be an impulse buy, it will be valuable research!


  1. Oh, tulips! How I love thee! Sometimes you just have to break down and buy the cut flowers. It's not like there are any out in MY garden to cut right now, buried under 2 feet of snow!

  2. I love having fresh flowers in the house. In the summer it's easy because I just cut roses from the yard, but winter is so bland, fresh flowers are the perfect pick-you-up! :)Tulips are the best, you splurged on the right flowers!!

  3. Being in a constant state of chaos and renovation, flowers are often the only thing that my eye can focus on that make me feel hopeful about my house :)

    And this is why I love the weekly special at the grocery store for flowers.

  4. I did that for awhile...but...

    I got sick of taking care of the flowers (I'm not lazy, just selective...LOL) and the cat kept knocking over the vase to get to the water.

  5. Jennifer - Yeah, I miss not being able to snip something and bring it in (not that I did that much, I hate murdering flowers!)

    Aimee - I agree tulips rock. Spring flowers are my favorite.

    JM - I can't even imagine. A few weeks of basement renovation chaos has almost driven me over the edge.

    iloveupstate - hehe. That's one thing my bad cat actually leaves alone, a vase of flowers.


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