Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's 13F -- Time to Winter Sow!

Seed collecting can be very addicting. My seed collection is starting to get out of hand, and this pic was taken before I bought ten more packs of seeds today (for just $1 at Walgreens). So today, despite that it was below 20 degrees out, I winter sowed a few more jugs. In the kitchen of course.

My little cluster of ghettos greenhouses is growing, but I'm going to need to get busy soon if I plan to sow all those seeds. So far I've planted Penstemon, Coneflowers, Canterbury Bells and Sweet Peas.

Wondering what all this winter sowing business is about? Find out more at and check out Kylee's pictorial at Our Little Acre.


  1. Do you take them in at night? I wonder if I could use old orange juice containers, too@

  2. Woo hoooooo! Good job! I still have a few more I'd like to start. I've got a couple empty milk jugs, so I think I'll do them tonight or tomorrow. Isn't this fun? :-) Thanks for the link! I'm flattered!

  3. Jennifer - Nope, you leave them out 24/7. Mine are currently covered in snow. :)

    It won't work with all seeds, but with a lot of them. The idea is that the seeds will germinate when they are ready. I think orange juice cartons will work, people use all kinds of containers. has all the details. I'm happy to share what little I know too. :)

    Kylee - I have a million more to start and some more seeds to buy! :-) I've already got spring fever, but then again I've got a lot to do before Spring comes!

  4. That's really cool! I am going to have to try winter sowing this year. I think I would have a lot better success than trying to harden them off. :)


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