Friday, November 2, 2007

On Halloween Decor: I Repeat We're NOT Devil Worshippers

Two weeks ago, just as I finally made my mind up to skip decorating for Halloween entirely, my boyfriend decided that he wanted to carve pumpkins. So we got pumpkins and the boyfriend took over most of the Halloween decoration duties. This is when the trouble began.

This is my idea of a lovely Halloween decoration:

And the boyfriend's idea of lovely Halloween Decor: (that Michael Meyers statue is going to be worth a MINT someday, he says, just you wait and see!)

Then there's my idea of a nice Halloween pumpkin display: (I'm not much for carving, but the dead plants give it that spooky touch, don't ya think?)

And the boyfriend's idea of a lovely Halloween pumpkin:


One teenager took in the pumpkin, the devil mask and our pal Mike, and cheerily exclaimed "You guys must really love Satan!" Which couldn't have pleased the boyfriend more really, because he LOVES provoking people.

But she wasn't the only one to wonder. Two teens walked all the way to the porch before deciding it was better to turn around and skip it. Another boy stood staring at the pumpkin, perplexed, that's a funny looking star, he said. We also got a lot of weird looks and glares.

C'mon people, isn't Halloween the one night it IS okay to display this cheerfully devilish crap?

And for the record, I'm anti-worshipping anyone really.

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  1. Pumpkins are so cute!! I like your creepy decor stuff too!! Great idea for Halloween decor!!


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