Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kicking the Habit...

...the water bottle habit that is. I've been taking bottled water to work and drinking out of water jugs at home for years. It's not that I think bottled water is healthier than tap, I just really HATE the taste of tap water. But I also hate buying the bottled water, lugging it home from the store, bringing used bottles home to recycle and then finally carting them to the recycling drop-off center. It's such a hassle.

While I wouldn't consider myself a greenie, I do the simple things like recycling and composting. Over the past year the environmental impact of bottled water has been bothering me more and more with every article I read. My stumbling block, was figuring out what kind of filter to use instead. Pitchers supposedly don't do much, a faucet filter won't fit on my lovely kitchen faucet, and I didn't want the hassle or expensive of installing something more robust. Can you say analysis paralysis?

Last week, after forgetting to buy bottled water to take to work, I decided to just get it over with already and start drinking tap. Despite having a basic whole-house filter, my tap water still tasted quite chalky. So chalky that I couldn't stand it. So I bought a Brita pitcher last night and today at work was the big test. Could the Brita pitcher actually make my water drinkable? Could it be as tasty as expensive bottled water? I'm happy to report that my filtered water is delish. Even the boyfriend approves. So it looks like I'm finally kicking the water bottle habit.

Now I just have to figure out what kind of portable container is safe enough to carry my tasty water in. Cause, you know plastic is evil, aluminum is risky (Alzheimer's) and glass is just breakable. It just never ends, does it?

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