Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Smells Like Renovation

As I walked into the back door this evening I was greeted by the smell of burnt Pergo flooring, which can only mean one thing. The great kitchen reno has begun!

Why would a kitchen renovation begin with burnt Pergo? Why not?! But seriously, the Boy had to remove a chunk of the hideous Pergo floor so that he can build a very-coveted pantry cabinet (oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!) and apparently there was an issue with a dull blade. Don't worry, no actual flames occurred. 

I completed my own small reno preparation as well. As part of the renovation we will be removing an added on portion of lower cabinets and countertop. It wasn't original to the kitchen and takes up precious dining space, so out it goes. This change means losing some storage space, most of which will be regained in other areas, but we are losing three drawers. And kitchen drawers are rather handy. So in an effort to prepare for a major drawer-downsizing, I combined this:

with this:
and got this:

So that's one down, and a million steps to go.


  1. OOOO! I'm so excited this is getting started! After your last kitchen post, I thought it was going to be awhile. I hope you can stay sane during the process. For us, it involved a bit too much eating out, but hey, it's mostly done, so it's worth it.

    1. The fact that the reno started on was a surprise to me too, but I can't wait to see how the pantry turns out!! I should also say this is going to be done in stages, so it will probably take awhile.

      I'd love to see your reno MM, did you blog it?

    2. It's funny...I just vlog'd it here: http://minimalistmommi.com/home-tour-series-kitchen

      It's not complete, but we at least have the basics in. I haven't looked at all the receipts, but I think it was about $3k for all pieces.

  2. I LOVE kitchen renos! I live in a heritage farm house so I have to live my kitchen renos vicariously through someone else - so thank you! When I stripped away in my kitchen earlier this year, I started with 5 drawers of stuff and now I have 2 drawers I use and 3 EMPTY ones. It's weird having empty drawers, I have to admit. Anyways, can't wait to see progress pictures and the new pantry!

    1. Three empty drawers? Wowza! I don't think that's possible for me...

      I'm already pretty sure I like viewing pictures of renos way more than I will like actually doing them. I am so dreading the great cabinet repainting even though they so desperately need it.

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  4. Ah, yes, the smell of burning laminates! Mine was from cutting 6" off of a countertop to make room for a 30" stove that was taking the place of an existing 24" one. Started with a circular saw, but then switched to a saber saw, and finally a reciprocating saw, to get the backsplash part cut. It didn't want to cooperate gracefully, but I prevailed ;)

    Re painting cabinets--have you tried B.I.N. primer? It goes on rough or smooth surfaces without needing sanding, and doesn't need sanding to bind with any kind of paint, either. A bit expensive, but a godsend for painting cabinets and furniture.


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