Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pantry Sneak Peek

It's obviously not done yet, but didn't the boy do a lovely job on the pantry? Still to come are pullout drawers for the bottom half and doors. This weekend I start painting!

Until then, I can't stop daydreaming about organizing this puppy. That's a whole lot of new storage space! It's going to make a big difference in this little kitchen.

Oh, and yes, that is a cat on the counter. No, he's not supposed to be up there, but he pays absolutely no attention to the rules anymore. It's like once he turned, oh I dunno 13 (he's 15 now), he became one of those old men who, fed up of a lifetime of following the rules, finally do whatever the heck they feel like it, whenever they feel like it. Now we're just happy whenever he's not howling with displeasure at something.


  1. Seething with jealousy! If only my hallway of a kitchen had the space for such an item...

    1. Sorry Cat. You got a dining room? I don't.

    2. Nope... just a "dining area" carved out of the living room. But, the stairs to the basement come right off the kitchen, so I put a tall cabinet near the base of the stairs which serves as my pantry... plus I get lots of exercise running up and down the stairs!

  2. there might not be anything as sweet as some pantry space in the kitchen - enjoy it!


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