Sunday, December 4, 2011

Frugal Inspiration From the Felines

I could learn a thing or two about frugality from an unlikely source: my cats. Sure, they may be freeloading bastards, but they are also surprisingly green.

They are great at reusing and re-purposing things. Why bother buying them a fancy commercial pet bed, when they prefer to sleep on piles of dirty laundry, in baskets of clean laundry, or even in an old box covered with plastic.

Seriously, I haven't been able to get him out of that box since I brought it out yesterday afternoon. But this is an improvement from not being able to get him out of the basement laundry basket, at least I see him more these days.

Why bother buying cat toys when they have more fun chasing a dropped piece of paper?

So in the spirit of homemade being better than store-bought, I'm trying a couple new green steps of my own this weekend.

I'm almost out of moisturizer, but instead of forking out big bucks for non-toxic store-bought brands, I bought a jar of Dr. Bronner's coconut oil, and have already been enjoying it. According to my web surfing coconut oil has a million different uses, including homemade deodorant, hair conditioner, treatment for athlete's foot, makeup remover, lip balm, cooking oil, etc.

I'm also diffusing essential oils instead of buying more scented candles or those toxic plug-in air fresheners that I've been trying to wean myself off of.

Going greener has sometimes been a very slow process for me, but at least I'm moving forward, step by step.

What was your last green step?


  1. Can you maybe give an update on how the coconut oil is working for you as a mosturizer in a week or so? I would like to try it myself if it works well for you. I am trying to use up some of the stuff that I have but would also like to start replacing my personal care items with products that are less toxic. Thanks

  2. Sure, I'd be happy to.

    So far I'm still happy on day 2. ;)

  3. Thanks. I am actually thinking about getting it anyway it and try it as a deep conditioning treatment for my hair. ( ugh really need to have total hair replacement oh I fried it good)

  4. Good lesson from the cats not caring about fancy toys. Reminds me of all the crazy, expensive toys and stuff we get for little kids who end up having more fun with the box it came in.

  5. Anon - It's still working great as a body moisturizer and deodorant. I don't see myself trying it as a deep conditioner anytime soon.


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