Saturday, December 10, 2011

Decking the Halls

Like many things in my life, we're fairly mediumist* about Christmas around here. As I mentioned before, Christmas is the only holiday I enjoy decorating for. After years of trying to spread things out around the house, I finally realized that confining the decorations to just the living room suits me best.

The tree is three years old now, a bargain that the Boyfriend found. I love it because it provides that touch of Christmas, but doesn't clash with the usual color scheme.

My ornaments are pretty much the same every year, consisting of ones I've had since I was a little girl (including some my mommy made, like this wreath ornament, thanks mom!), to ones I bought more recently to add some color, to gifts received more recently.

While most of the decorations are confined to the tree and mantle area shown above, there are a few small other touches here and there, which generally consist of me adding a little something to the usual decor, like these ornaments in the vase.

But no room is complete without the most important accessory, a happy cat. The cats LOVE the tree, Alex (shown above), most of all. They don't bother anything, but rather use the tree as one giant kitty scratcher. It's hilarious.

Do you enjoy decorating for the holidays?

*mediumist = My new term to define my lifestyle, which is somewhere in between your typical consumer-oriented American and your hardcore minimalist.


  1. I'm so impressed with people who actually have the energy for this sort of thing. Personally, I feel like I'm doing well if I can find horizontal surfaces this time of year! Looks beautiful though. Do your cats leave the tree alone? I'm relatively sure that mine (at least the adorable, yet challenging Smoky Bear) would have the thing knocked over and most of the ornaments destroyed in about 10 minutes flat!

  2. Thanks ECL.

    Yup, the cats do amazingly good with the tree. All they do is rub their faces in the lower branches, and sit under it. They haven't so much as batted an ornament this year. In their younger years tho, Mikko was known to climb on top of my TV stand to get the little tree I sat on top of it. I guess this is one benefit of senior kitties!

  3. Beautiful Candi! Love the white tree. And who does not love a happy cat? I hope your Christmas is as warm and content as that cat looks. : )

  4. When I was a kid, we had all of these beautiful silk ornaments that my Grandmother had made by hand... then we got our first cat. I remember it clearly because it was the last year we had a real tree. We set it up and got it all beautifully decorated... then went into the the next room for dinner... and about 30 minutes later we hear a giant crash... we run in to see the cat emerging from beneath the felled Christmas tree with one of Grandma's fancy ornaments in her clutches... this was followed by a great deal of cursing on my mother's part...

    Anyhow, as I remember, things sort of continued in that vein for the next few weeks until my mother gave up. Out went the real tree and the silk ornaments, and in came the plastic tree and indestructible ornaments. She still climbed it and knocked it over just about every day, but at least it was less mess to clean up! I don't think we ever told Grandma about the ornaments though!

    I've never braved it as an adult, since it's all I can do to keep Smoky from pulling the pictures off the walls!

  5. Love the idea of being a mediumist! I think that's what I need to strive for. :)


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