Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Finally, a New Rug

ye old rug

My living room rug has taken a beating in the four years I've owned it. Three cats are hard on a rug, especially an off-white one. Why would someone who has three cats even buy an off-white rug in the first place? I wanted a rug with a pattern that would hide any messes the cats, or boy, might make. But none of them worked and the off-white rug was the least offensive option I could find at the time.

We shopped for rugs online, in every store in the city for years but nothing quite worked. In the meantime, I tried DIY cleaning (major fail) and professional cleaning, but the rug was beyond saving.

Then I finally found what I was looking for at IKEA: cheap, easy to clean (compared to off-white wool anyway), and in colors that don't clash with my living room.

IKEA Skoghall

Suddenly my living room feels much more complete. I was surprised to discover how cozy the rug makes the living room feel, and, it's really comfortable to walk on, despite not being as thick as my old rug.


  1. Great pick! Very much worth the wait. I hate to ask, because I obsess about these things, but where do you buy your throw pillows. : )

  2. Christine - I've had luck finding pillows at Target and Marshall's and TJ Maxx (higher-end outlet type stores for those who may not be familiar with them).

  3. Love your rug. I just bought it for my dining room. I came across your blog because I was searching for a picture of it. The colors and pattern are so perfect.


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