Sunday, November 20, 2011

Black Friday Gone Too Far?

This morning I read Michelle Singletary's column, "Early Black Friday Idea Is a Turkey," and heartily agree with her message, to stay home with your families this Thanksgiving, so that retail employees have the chance to do the same.

Black Friday sales hours have been getting more ridiculous for years, but now starting in the wee hours of Friday isn't enough. Retailers are opening as early as 9pm.

Let's face it, the holidays are a horrible time to be a retail employee. Not only are the malls and stores packed with moody shoppers, but their holiday time with family is cut short so that we can shop during ours. And why? Because we all truly need more clutter to add to our overstuff houses? Let's stop the insanity!

My first time venturing out for Black Friday sales was horrible enough to make me never want to experience it again. Although, I have caved to peer and family pressure and gone out again. But not this year.

If we all spent our Thanksgiving's celebrating our many blessings with family, and make Black Friday a Buy Nothing Day, the madness would eventually cease. Oh, there would still be sales, but they might be pushed back to more reasonable hours of the day. That's why this year, I'm pledging to not shop on Thursday or Friday, no matter what last-minute deals may entice me.

Won't you join me?


  1. Oy Vay! I consider actually entering a retail establishment to be an absolute last resort... it just makes me crazy! I don't get why people think that is fun.

    What little holiday shopping I do, I try to do on line, I wouldn't call it "pleasant" but it's significantly less horrific!

  2. We are going out at 5 am, so shut it.

  3. Couldn't agree more! Thanksgiving and the holidays should be about spending quality time with the things that really matter in life like family and friends.

  4. I will definitely not be hitting up the black friday sales! It is quite ridiculous how insane people are on those days. Mass amounts of bargain hunting and usually inconsiderate shoppers is not enjoyable to me except for maybe people watching. I think it is sad that our society cares more about some deals of unnecessary items rather than the true meaning of the holidays which is to be thankful for what you have and spend time with your loved ones.

  5. You know I'm with you! Thanks for visiting today :-)

  6. Hi Candi, just to let you know I was heading out the door to buy throw pillows on Friday and stopped in my tracks. Even though Black Friday means very little here in Canada, I just could not contribute to the global (and my personal) debt - for one day at least. Thanks for inspiring me!


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