Saturday, August 7, 2010

Reno Dreams: Cheap-N-Good Kitchen Redo

Dreaming about renovating my kitchen is tons of fun; actually embarking on that renovation, not so much. Nothing indulges my kitchen reno fantasies like inspiring DIY renovations that don't break the bank.

This Old House featured a DIY reno (found via Apartment Therapy) where a couple transformed this nightmare:

Into a magazine-ready kitchen for just $1,500! Very impressive.

I love, love, love this little organization station. I'd love to fit something like this in my kitchen, but the only possible space is going to be used for a much-needed pantry. Well, it would be if I ever decide to go from kitchen reno dreaming to kitchen reno doing. *shudder* I hate thinking about all that dust, and work, and arguments!

But if I had a lovely spot like this to eat dinner in, and even have another couple over, well it might just be worth it.

Fabulous, fabulous kitchen!

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  1. My experience from renovating 5 different kitchens over the years: tile countertops are high-maintenance, and dark countertops mean you'll need a lot more task lighting to see what you're doing. Just thought I'd pass that along. Love the ideas you've posted in your blog :)


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