Sunday, July 25, 2010

Declutter Bug

Decluttering seems to be a never-ending process for me and every time I go through my stuff I find something I can get rid of. I mean we're hardly at a bare-bones level around here. Luckily, if I'm in a right mood I find decluttering kind of fun. Yesterday I attacked some kitchen cabinets and other drawers that had gotten out of hand and were bugging me.

The dark after photos (forgot to take them yesterday). If you
can't see the difference, that's extra space in there!

the rejects

And here are some of the rejects. Yesterday the following items hit the donate pile:
  1. Ice cube trays
  2. Two snack bowls
  3. Two mugs I kept forever even though I never used them just because they are Bodum. How silly is that?
  4. Sugar pourer
  5. Old travel bottle
  6. Jar
  7. Tea strainer
  8. Two blank journals that I'm never going to use. I prefer to go digital these days.
  9. Facial toner - Most pointless skincare product ever!
  10. IKEA pot - pretty but never used.
I've also created a new page with a list of most of the things I've decluttered during my last two years of concentrated decluttering. Here's the list of the dearly decluttered.

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