Sunday, April 25, 2010

Getting Rid of Paper Clutter

Now that my closet, cabinets, hall closet, and bathroom have been decluttered, I needed a new project. It's been six months since I last did a paper purge, so yesterday I embarked on the great paper purge of 2010. I got rid of 6.5 pounds of paper and this doesn't even count my regular recycling, it's just stuff I've been hanging on that I don't need anymore.

Here's a few tips for lightening your paper load:
  • Save bills as PDFs and shred the paper. Almost all my bills and bank statements are available as PDFs online, awesome!

  • Scan old files, scrapbooks, photos and toss the originals. I scanned scrapbooks, pictures and other momentos I want to be able to look at again, but don't need in paper form.
  • Toss old manuals warranties, etc. for replaced items. The old owners of my house saved and passed down manuals for everything: the furnace, appliance, even light fixtures. It's handy and nice, but now I have to remember to toss out the old when replacing things.

  • Toss paint chips, old birthday cards, etc. Sure some of these may be sentimental, or you may want to keep paint chips for colors you've used, but you don't need to hang on to all of these.


  1. The sad thing is that you actually plugged in my shipping scale in order to weigh how much paper you were getting rid of.

  2. LOL @ Jared. I would have done the same thing. It's an ACCOMPLISHMENT! Paper clutter is my house's worst enemy...


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