Saturday, April 17, 2010

More Kitchen Inspiration

This gorgeous kitchen featured in Country Living (found via Apartment Therapy, who else?) makes me want to rethink my kitchen reno plans. Maybe instead of the black countertops I've been dreaming of I should go with white? And even if I reface my old, original cabinets with molding, they'll never look this good or be this functional. Decisions, decisions.

Oh, it's so lovely, but who am I kidding, I'd never spend this kind of cash!


  1. It's okay to dream though, I do it all the time. Or, what if you should happen to win a million dollars one day? One should always have a plan for that.
    I really like that kitchen too. Bright and airy makes me happy.
    Beautiful daffodils below, and interesting.
    I also wanted to add that I really like your front white door with that little window. Stylish.


  2. Annelie - Takk, or should I say tack? I don't know know Swedish at all really, and I don't really know Norwegian either, though I like to pretend that I do. :) So no, I'm not Scandinavian, just a wannabe. I love everything about Scandinavia (except maybe fish pancakes).

    Oh, I have dreaming down, believe me! If dreaming were an olympic sport I'd get the gold medal. Dreaming about renovations is so much more fun, and less dusty, than actually doing them! Maybe one day...

  3. Let me first say that I like your blog!
    FYI: I am Swedish. The correct way of saying my house would be "mitt hus." Sorry! There are two grammatical noun genders in Swedish.

  4. Helen - Thanks for dropping by and for the compliment. I'm glad you like the blog!

    min hus is Norwegian for my house. I've spent time in Norway and Denmark, and picked up tiny bits of Norwegian and Danish. I wouldn't even attempt Swedish, it's so different!


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