Sunday, July 5, 2009

What's No Longer Black, White and Purple All Over?

Well, it took almost the entire day and caused more than a few fights, but we can strike another project off the summer to-do list: painting the front door and shutters. I've wanted to tackle painting the black shutters and hideous purple door since I first saw the house, and thanks to the Boy, it's finally done. Now min hus stands out from the other neighboring white houses with black shutters.

I'm happy with how it turned out, but oh so tired. I really hope I never have to strip that much paint off of anything ever again. I'll post more details (probably) when I have more energy.


  1. It looks fantastic! The black shutters and door look so classic. Love it!

  2. I don't think I've ever seen someone get rid of the black shutters and door! Bravo to YOU!

    (of course, I'm preparing to paint MU front door black, but it's an awful teal green color right now... and it matches the 3-4 other teal green doors in the neighborhood! ick.)

  3. I'm back and just now realizing that the black shutters are the "before." {bangs head on desk}.

    Read, Kimba. Read.

    I do think the black shutters are very classic. My last house had white siding, black shutters and a red door. About as classic as you can get.

    But I also love your makeover. I can't imagine how long it must have taken you to paint the shutters. That's a HUGE job.


  4. Thanks ladies, for stopping by and leaving nice comments.

    Kimba - No worries. :) I'm amazed you had time to stop by at all. :)

    The shutters actually weren't so bad, especially for me since the Boyfriend did them. ;) We cleaned and spray painted them.

    The door on the other hand was a total PITA!! We stripped it back to the wood to get a smooth foundation, which took FOREVER!!

  5. Great makeover, It never ceases to amaze me how great a makeover with a little paint can be. :)

  6. This is really funny. I have that same house, but the original shutters were blue and I painted them BLACK! OMG... I like what you did and can understand esp if others in neighborhood have same theme. I thought the black and white was sharp and this spring I hope to add in a red ("holly berry") accent to some trim. A design friend recommended going with a tri-color look.... You may consider adding another color for more of that "cottage-y cute" look you're going for.


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