Sunday, January 4, 2009

Will 2009 be the Year of the Kitchen?

From the first time I looked at my house, I loved the kitchen. It's bright with natural light from three windows, it is larger than the kitchens in the other houses I was looking at, and it had a decent amount of counter space. After looking more closely however you'll notice that the countertops are hideous (the wood edge - yuk!), the backsplash is fake plastic tile, and the mouldings are cut horribly. Also, due to the obviously added-on extension on the right, there's not enough room for more than three people to eat in my home. It needs some serious help.

Right now I'm still in the dreaming stage. I'm debating doing a smaller DIY remodel and fixing the current cabinets versus replacing everything. With the crappy economy I'm uncomfortable spending too much right now, but dreaming and planning is affordable and there is a ton of inspiration on the net.

Clockwise starting with top left: (1)Dave & Melanie's Craftsman kitchen via
Apartment Therapy (2) Leah's kitchen via More Ways to Waste Time
(3) image by Gerri Williams via Desire to Inspire (4)
BenDen's 1920s Kitchen

There are some things I've already decided on: white vintage-looking cabinets and brushed nickel hardware, grey or black solid surface countertops (marble would be my dream, but I can't take the idea of it getting stained), and white subway tile backsplash. The stainless appliances will stay. I love the idea of keeping my cabinets and sprucing them up with moulding and paint, but when we went to IKEA on Friday I fell in love with the drawers and cabinets that softly close automatically, the organizers, and the pull out drawers. Decisions, decisions.

See more of my favorite kitchen inspiration at my Rate My Space favorites and My Deco File.


  1. very nice kitchen you got there! Nice to see some people from other countries also like my blog :)

  2. I love those inspiration pictures, I'm sure your kitchen will be lovely when you're done, it looks like it has lots of promise. Designing a kitchen on a budget is not always fun but I think it will be worth it. At least this is what I tell myself while we are now re-doing the kitchen in our new home with a very small budget and not much time :)

  3. Thanks Lisa! Your blog is great!

    Kiitos Katja. I'm having fun following along with your new apt reno. You gals are doin' a TON of work, but I know it'll look fantastic.


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