Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On Rewards

So far this year I've been focused on getting healthier. Of course when I say focused on I really mean obsessed with (hence the neglect of this poor blog). It's paying off though, I've been doing really well and making progress. Which brings up a problem, how do you reward yourself for a job well done (which I think is important) when food rewards are verboten and new clothes are out? Inspiration struck last weekend at the grocery store: flowers. A small treat for both me and the house, how perfect.

Buying blowers weekly is also a big part of the Apartment Therapy Cure, which I've participated in twice. They see it as an offering to your home, which is a little hokey to me, but it's amazing how some fresh flowers really liven a place up and add a splash of color.

My favorite flowers are daffodils and tulips, which is why these beauties were a no brainer choice. I even like them when they get droopy as pictured below. And with all the snow and ice outside lately, they remind me that spring will come again one day, hopefully tomorrow.


  1. That's a perfect way to reward yourself (and your home :). I love fresh flowers and plants and for our new home I want to start a tradition of buying flowers more often.

  2. If you put a penny in the water with tulips they perk up again :)


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